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Year End Giving

"If we fail to learn from history, how can we hope to repeat it!"
a letter from Executive Director Warren Martin

Dear Friends of the Museum,

“If we fail to learn from history, how can we hope to repeat it!” That is not a misquote. It's from a speech I recently gave at the Eastern Kansas Oil and Gas Association Annual Meeting (see article included).

We all know the quip, “If we fail to learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.” However, history is not all negative. We live in the greatest nation in history. We live at a time when people are living longer, better, more active and healthier lives. That all came from the positive side of history. If we fail to learn from history, how can we hope to build upon that which has been accomplished?

That is in part the mission of the Kansas Oil Museum. We are dedicated to being an educational institution of choice. We not only preserve the historical record, but also invest in the lives of others to establish a strong foundation upon which they can build. This year alone, we have worked on 7 school campuses, 2 summer camps, 16 keynote presentations, been featured in multiple articles and published numerous articles ourselves (locally, regionally and nationally).

2016 has also been a monumental year of growth for the organization. This will be the first time in at least 19 years that we haven’t utilized endowment funds to sustain operations. This is primarily due to an expansion of our educational programming. In 2016 already, we have hosted 43 events on site and through outreach. This has dramatically increased the number of people in which we are able to invest. However, we are just on the verge of opening up new horizons as an organization and we need your help!

We have launched a pilot program this year utilizing our advanced learning robot "Albert" to conduct virtual tours with 10 schools across the state. We have refined our curriculum for on-campus school programs and we are ready to extend our reach to additional school districts. We have developed our outreach programming and are looking to greatly expand our educational impact in 2017. We are developing our 5 year and 10 year plans to grow our organization. In other words, our goal is not just to survive - our goal is to have a dynamic impact throughout Kansas!

We are torchbearers of history. We preserve history for future generations. We teach history to help people better understand the present. And we inspire others to make history themselves. This is our commitment.

We invite you to join us! In an age when the lack of school funding is in the news everyday, we have the tools and ability to partner with schools to provide much needed resources in history, social studies, science and math. With your help we can increase the number of students and adults we are able to reach.

I invite you to make a tax deductible year-end contribution to the Kansas Oil Museum to help us advance our mission. Help us invest in the lives of others, for if we fail to learn from history, how can we ever hope to repeat it?


Warren Martin
Executive Director