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Summer Camps


Every year the Kansas Oil Museum offers two week-long summer camps for children ages 8-12.  These camps make full use of our galleries, outdoor exhibit area, and education collections, and provide an exciting hands-on way for kids to learn about the history and science that have shaped Butler County and Kansas.

Our 2017 summer camps are rapidly approaching!  The Kansas Oil Museum is teaming up with Kansas Strong this year to offer two fun camps highlighting technology and discovery throughout Kansas history, from Native American days up to the present! Read on for more details.

We are also pleased to announce that generous sponsorships from the local community have once again made it possible for us to offer scholarships to summer camp enrollees -- that means each child who signs up will receive FREE attendance to one camp this year! Signing up for both camps will cost only $25 -- two camps for the price of one!  Spaces are limited to 30 students/camp, so sign up SOON using the form below, or by calling the museum at 316-321-9333.

Technology Trails: July 18-21 (Tue-Fri), 10am-noon

Chart a course through history as we learn how people have used technology to adapt to their surroundings over time.  Find out what technology is, where it comes from, and how it has left its mark on our daily lives throughout human history.  From the tools of the early Native Americans to the first pioneers crossing the prairie, all the way up to the early aviation and oil industries, kids will be challenged to tackle some of the technological problems of the past by putting their own innovation to use!  A variety of activities and crafts throughout our museum and grounds will bring history to life and give kids something to bring home and show off every day!

Day 1: Native American Technology: Native American culture and history, the earliest hunting technology, and make and try out your own atlatl.

Day 2: Pioneer Technology: Experiments with pulleys, steam power exploration, and design and test your own raft.

Day 3: Oil Boom Technology:  The first Kansas oil boom and World War I technology, tinfoil boat transport, and CD car races.

Day 4: Modern Technology: Airplane design, petroleum refining, and rocket launches!


Heartland of Discovery: August 1-4 (Tue-Fri), 10am-noon

Heartland of Discovery: Join us for a voyage of exploration as we learn about the science and history of discovery!  Hands-on activities will introduce kids to the process of science and exploration as they learn about discoveries made right here in America's heartland.  Through experimentation and investigation they will also have the chance to make some discoveries of their own while they explore pioneering advances in geology, medicine, meteorology, natural history, and more.

Day 1: Discovering Navigation: Learn about tracking, make a simple compass, and navigate your way through a treasure hunt.

Day 2: Discovering Medicine: Find out how early people on the plains treated ailments with native plants, solve an historic mystery of epidemic proportions, and discover the connection between oil and medicine.

Day 3: Discovering Geology: Dig into the layers of the Earth with rock-layer rivers, investigate real rocks to discover the science of seismic exploration, and explore geologic maps inside the Kansas Strong mobile exhibit.

Day 4: Discovering the Earth: Conduct your own natural history investigation, learn first-hand about hydraulics, and wrap up the week with do-it-yourself volcanoes!


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In 2015 kids from El Dorado and the surrounding area came out to the museum for our History Explorers camp, June 8-12, and our Earth Explorers science camp, June 22-26.  Check out the slideshow to see some of the fun we had!