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Butler County History Center
                                               Home of The
Kansas Oil Museum


383 East Central Ave.
El Dorado, KS 67042

Saturday, September 27 is Smithsonian Day.
 Click here to go to the Smithsonian website for details and to download your ticket, good for free admission for two, to our museum on September 27.

July 26 through October 5:
This Smithsonian Institute traveling exhibit tells the story of Native Americans who served in the armed forces as "Code Talkers" in World War I and World War II.

All ages are invited to come and visit our large indoor exhibit hall and 10-acre outdoor area.

Indoors you will experience the story of:

  • The Kansas Flint Hills
  • Butler County, Kansas
  • The science of oil exploration and production

Outdoors, walk throug
h and experience 10 acres of the early oil boom days:

  • Oil Field Equipment, restored and operated during special events and tours.
    See how "black gold" was (and is) extracted from deep within the earth, using this massive and powerful equipment.

  • Historic Oil Boom Town, furnished as if the town's inhabitants had never moved on.
    These oil boom towns operated as divisions of the oil companies, and were under the authority of company officials. Developed in response to oil strikes, these oil communities had their own stores, company offices, schools and entertainment.

MISSION: To preserve and interpret the history and culture of the people who settled and developed Butler County, with emphasis on those industries key to the development of Butler County: Farming, ranching and Kansas oil.  Through means of collections, exhibits, educational programs, and a research library, the museum will provide residents and visitors with historical perspectives to help foster a deeper appreciation and respect of our shared heritage.